Tattoos What You Should Know

Tattoos have been around for a long time. Mummies have been discovered bearing tattoos dating back as far as the end of second millennium BC. In some ancient cultures and even some current third world countries tattoos are created by cutting the skin and rubbing ashes into the resulting wounds. Some cultures even pierce the skin with hard pieces of wood or other animals bones and rub dye into the cuts.

In Modern day America tattoos are usually created with a tattoo gun or electric tattoo machine. This pierces the skin and injects dye with rapidly moving needles that move usually between 80 and 150 times per second. Some say this is painful but for me it was just kind of annoying.

As someone who is deathly afraid of needles, who would have thought I endure lying on a cot with a tattoo gun buzzing away in my ear just to get some ink? I laid on that cot for well over an hour to receive a tattoo that I am very proud of. Getting a tattoo was one of the biggest rushes I have ever got in my life. Somewhat similar to a natural high.

Some people choose to get just a simple small tattoo as I did while other will choose much larger ones. Mine is just a small butterfly on my upper left chest with my children’s names. For me it is symbolic because my children are what gave me the courage to truly spread my wings and fly. I chose that particular location for my tattoo because it can easily be covered.

Tattoo’s are such a vastly spread part of culture now days, everyone has them from business professionals to rockers. Some are tasteful, while some might find others questionable. Ultimately,it is the person bears the tattoo that it matters to the most. Behind most tattoos, there is a meaning or maybe just a memory of drunk right. Either way it is a personal expression.

There are things to consider when getting a tattoo though. I recommend deciding what you want and then waiting before getting it done. Although there are now ways to remove tattoos, they are usually very costly. The most common way to remove a tattoo is by laser removal. You will glad to know that Naples tattoo removal have a facility i.e. you don’t have beer pain anymore as they providing the professionals for such task, so it would be easy for whoever is thinking of  get rid of it as they are removing it in effective and painless way. This is very painful and may require up to 10 sessions ranging in cost from $250-$850 per session. The effective-ness of this is not guaranteed

Dermabrasion has also been used as well as excision, both of which are very painful and not very effective. All three of these methods can cause severe scarring of the skin. There also tattoo removal creams you can find on the internet but most of these are not very effective either.

The best way to avoid all of this is to think before you get a tattoo. Is it something you will still want on your skin when you have grandchildren of your own? Location is important too, will this affect you career or professional life? If you are a professional or even think someday you might want to work in a field where having a visible tattoo could hinder you chances I suggest getting it somewhere that can be covered if needed.

When it comes to actually getting the tattoo done, shop around. Do not just go to the first shop you see. Look around; make sure you check their work and sterilization methods. Talk to people who have used them before and get their opinion. Even with advances in technology, tattoos are still permanent. If the tattoo artist does a bad job, you could be stuck with that the rest of your life.

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