The 5 Best Appliance Paints

My dad is a retired appliance technician and customers would constantly ask if appliance paint was a good idea and how much it would cost. The most common appliance paint is a good idea for refrigerators, washers, and other appliances of the sort and the cost depends on the brand. Then the inevitable questions would arise. Which brand is the best and does brand even matter? Brand and type of paint matters greatly. Here are my dad’s picks, as well as a couple of my own.

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First up is appliance touch up paint. My dad says that the best brand of appliance paint simply says “Appliance Paint” on the front. Touch up paint is used to fix the little scratches and nicks that have accumulated over the years. It normally comes in a small bottle about the size of a nail polish bottle and can be purchased for under $5.00. There are bigger sizes available but the size and color determine the price. If you are looking for a good price on appliance touch up paint go to

If you are looking to refinish entire surfaces, like Jeff Foxworthy said, “Say it with Krylon”. The best appliance paint for resurfacing would be Krylon Appliance Epoxy Spray Paint. This can be found at most hardware stores and can do just about any appliance you need to do. Mostly it is under $5.00 a can and you will probably have to have 2 or 3 of them, depending on how many coats you put on. You can see this item at

Your dryer drum is not normally something that typically is paid attention to, but guess what? They make paint for that too! This is Whirlpool brand and is mostly found at appliance parts and repair stores. It is grey dryer drum acrylic spray paint. This paint costs a little more than others and will cost you around $10.00. It’s good to purchase a couple of cans of this as well. Your appliance parts guy would be best to talk to about purchasing this.

Another little thought of area to be painted is the inside of your microwave. Microwave cavity paint makes the inside of your main cooking tool look brand new. The best brand of this is QBP and comes in a spray can like other paints do. You only need one can to refinish the inside of your microwave and its going to cost you around $8.00. You will most likely find this is appliance stores rather than hardware stores and if you can’t find it there, you can find it at

Last but not least, is FSP vinyl rack touch up paint. This paint is specially formulated to touch up the racks in your dishwasher and make them look shiny and new. I am not sure why anyone would want to do this, but I guess if you are wanting to sell a house, it’s a good idea. This can be purchased at most appliance parts stores or online. Check out any of the sites that I have given you here or Google it. You will find this paint, I promise. It normally runs about $12.00 and you don’t need very much of it because you will probably only use it once.

Those are the best appliance paints that my dad and I would recommend. They are all functional and will not break the bank. If you are still unsure about which paint to use, consult your appliance repairman or appliance parts guy. They may know of some other really good brands! Good luck!

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