The Bead Bar E-Commerce Presentation

The Bead Bar is a pseudo business created to teach the concept of Information Technology.

With the advent of the World Wide Web has come the advantage of a global economy; whereas, The Bead Bar can only currently serve consumers within the local physical area of current studios and franchises, with the incorporation of e-business the Bead Bar will be able to serve customers world-wide.

By taking The Bead Bar into today’s global economy, The Bead Bar is able to use the Web as a marketing tool, increasing clientele by promoting The Bead Bar on Board, localized studios, and franchises including their locations, hours of operations, and maps. The Bead Bar’s website can provide preliminary information to businesses interested in opening a studio; the services and materials offered; present workshops; and display impressive jewelry designs. The website can promote The Bead Bar’s high quality of materials and services, as well as provide contact information to enable convenient and easy client feedback, thus improving customer service. Registering with search engines and the utilization of specific keywords will optimize the quantity and flow of traffic to The Bead Bar’s website. Moreover, as a business owner you have the option to buy ebay accounts so that you can promote your business online. You can easily get the best e-commerce accounts there with millions of visitors that are looking for stuff online.

Technology to conduct e-business involves secure transactions and the capability to process e-payments. To ensure customer trust, The Bead Bar’s identity should be established and verifiable through the use of authenticate digital certificates, and important customer data such as identifying information, passwords, and payment information needs to be secured via online encryption. The online encryption tool that would best meet The Bead Bar’s needs is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption software that will prevent interception of data transferred between the customer and The Bead Bar’s database. The use of SSL will promote the customer’s confidence in the security of their information enabling the customer to take advantage of the many conveniences of shopping on The Bead Bar’s website.

To adequately cover The Bead Bar’s substantial inventory, the inclusion of a catalog and shopping cart with the customer maintaining the ability to save and edit the shopping cart are mandatory. The technologies to accommodate payment processing are available through a merchant account such as ChoicePay. The benefits of a merchant account far out-weigh the expenses. A merchant account provides the business owner with an effective and efficient method of acquiring payment and offers the customer the ability to choose payment method, whether it be Paypal, credit card, check, or EFT payments.

E-business is the key to overcoming the size and distance limitations experienced by many small and medium sized businesses while simultaneously expanding The Bead Bar’s horizons and burgeoning growth capabilities. With the ability of accessing The Bead Bar’s products and services online customers are able to order anytime, day or night, regardless of their location. By securing client trust and ensuring the confidentiality and safety of their personal identifying information, The Bead Bar guarantees many return customers as well as enjoying the expansion that e-business brings.

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