The Benefits Of Spanish News Sites

Learning a new language is like taking you to a new paradigm. It exposes you to a different world and it gives you a new perspective about a particular tradition, culture, values and people. Nowadays, learning a new language is more than just an art and passion. Being able to speak a different language (aside from English language) allows you to be competitive in the field or industry you are engaged into. Whether you’re working in a restaurant as a waiter or working in a multinational company, speaking a language aside from your native language makes you stand out from the crowd. Hence, you will definitely satisfy a customer who dined in the restaurant you’re working for if you speak the same language he or she does. And so you’ll be able to communicate with your investors and other executives who speak a specific language that you do in an established corporation you’re working for. With all of these, being able to speak a different language has myriad of benefits and advantages.

One of the languages that majority of people would like to learn is Spanish. This language is spoken in Spain and in most of Central and South America and as well as in the United States by more than 400 million people. So if you travel around the world, you’ll meet a lot of people who speak Spanish. In some universities and colleges across the globe, Spanish is one of the languages that is being taught and is included already in the curriculum in some educational institutions. In addition, Spanish is the most spoken language across the globe. That said, it is fair enough to say that learning this spectacular language is an essential advancement and would stimulate knowledge and sophistication to your being.

Now, if you are one of hundred of millions of people who are interested to learn Spanish but do not know how, when, and where to start, you are in the right place. This article will provide you and explain to you a platform that is effective and convenient and is a good medium to start your Spanish language lesson. This is when news sites come into the picture. News sites are one of the best portals where an individual like you can learn Spanish language. News sites are more formal and direct unlike films and fiction sources. News sites use words that are highly formulaic. Also, news sites give you a lot of opportunities to learn new single word, and also the confidence on how to speak and pronounce words accordingly. Lastly, news sites are also an effective portal where you can be armed with the current and latest events in our worlds. So, whether you are taking your morning coffee or breakfast or looking for something to do in your idle moment to past time, reading Spanish news site is the best thing to do. But what are the best Spanish news sites you can use to learn Spanish language? Worry not, here are some of the best Spanish news sites you further your Spanish speaking skills.


When it comes to fashion and trendy clothes and styles, Vogue is the best deal for you. The Spanish edition of Vogue only started after a couple of years when it was first introduced in America and it covers myriad insights and news about the current fashion trends all over the world. Vogue covers a wide variety of categories and topics such as media that includes short videos. Thus, Vogue is one of the best area for you to learn a Spanish and at the same time being able to expose tp a good mixed media that will certainly further your skills in listening, reading and speaking Spanish language.

EL Pais

El Pais is the most prominent metropolitan daily news provider in Madrid Spain. Tis site provides three different platforms namely- Spain, America and Brazil. El Pais also offers an English portal where Spanish news headlines translated into English. Hence, this news site is the best fit for new learners and beginners.

Slow Spanish

Aside from El Pais, Slow Spanish is also the best news site for beginning Spanish learners. This site will definitely help you improve your comprehension. This site has two hosts who select news item from the previous week at estimate of three quarters of a normal speeding speed. This allows learners to digest all the information in a gradual manner helping them to fully understand the messages.

ESPN Football

If you are not fond of reading serious news, there is an alternative site where you can still learn Spanish and at the same time will help you strengthen your comprehension and speaking skills in Spanish. This is through ESPN. This is more suitable if you are a big fan of football. This sport is a huge part of Spanish speaking countries across the globe. So, if you want to learn Spanish and at the same time embrace their biggest sport, go for ESPN football and you will never go wrong.


If you are looking for something more interesting or something about arts and culture, Juxtapoz is the best choice for you. Juxtapoz is an art and culture magazine that originated in 1990 from Southern California. The Spanish version of this magazine features different art forms like poster art and street art. Also, it touches different art and culture in an international setting.

Certainly, there are a lot of platforms where people can learn Spanish language. But if you are looking for a more convenient and yet effective portal, news sites are the best deal. This platform doesn’t only further your skills and comprehension in Spanish but it also exposes you to the world of Spanish culture and tradition. It allows you to embrace the about Spanish setting and everything about it. So what are you waiting for now, go get your phone and download some of this websites news in your app and start your Spanish lesson 101.