The Best Landing Spots on Fortnite

Having a good start whenever you are playing a battle royale themed game is extremely important. This is so you can get a lot of equipment and guns you need to use throughout the match. Fortnite is not an exception to this rule. You need to get a lot of important tools you need to last in the final stages of the match. Whether it might be guns or a piece of equipment, all of it is vital so you can get the win. This is why we listed the best places to land in Fortnite. So better prepare your gun skins along with that epic skull demon skin and quickly find a match.The pool on the Tilted Towers

In this area on the Tilted Towers, you can find a lot of weapons and equipment you can use after you land in this place. After you picked up everything you need, you can go straight to the other areas or go-ahead to the Tilted Towers so you can kick some players off the map.

The Moisty Mire

This area in the map of Fortnite is one of the most popular drops off spots in the game. This is because the area is covered up in the water which can slow down any players who want to go through it. This means the chance of encountering enemies on this island is few. You can go around and look for crates so you can prep up in your upcoming fights.

The hidden tunnel in Tomato Town

The hidden tunnel is located in the center-top-right area of the island. A lot of players seems to not know this tunnel because Tomato Town is a popular landing spot of the majority of the players. This means you have a high chance of running into players who are gathering loots and finding chests around the area. You can go around and look for the hidden tunnel around the area of Tomato Town before going on full blasts on the heart of Tomato Town.

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