The Missing Chain Belt Link

If you are shopping for a new pair of jeans, shorts, a dress or other piece of clothing that comes with a fashionable chain belt, watch out for missing links that can alter the look, the fit and the fastener reach-ability. If you want to add bit more sassiness than you should select olivia burton watches, these watches will help you to flaunt the look.

Chain belt links may come in interlocking solid links or with links that has a crack or a small opening which appears as if they have been mashed together. The latter whose links are not solid but have a small crack make it easy for someone to pull on the sides of a link and separate the link.

The link separation depending on where it is done on the belt can pull a belt in half, knock the fastener off or do nothing than be one link removed from the chain belt.

People trying on clothes may accidentally pull apart a link and then try to mash it back together. Part of the chain belt may get lost in the separation and left lying on the dressing room floor but the clothing and belt is put back on the sales rack.

How can you tell if the chain belt on the piece of clothing you are trying on isn’t whole?

If you are trying on a pair of shorts with a chain belt and the shorts fit but you have trouble pulling the belt together to fasten it part of the belt may be missing. Missing links will shorten a belt.

If the shorts fit the belt should be long enough to fasten without struggling to meet the belt ends. If it takes more than a few tugs to pull the fastener to its interlocking destination the belt may not be whole.

Using the pair of shorts, as an example for a visual comparison of a chain belt, which you feel, may not be whole check it against like shorts with their chain belts. Hold the shorts you’ve tried on next to the same shorts with their chain belts in your size. If there are no more of the shorts in your size but larger or smaller ones look at where their chain falls on the shorts. Where their chain falls is where it should pretty much, fall on the shorts you are comparing.

If there are no shorts to compare the shorts with, you have the last pair, ask a sales clerk about the length of the chain belt. Ask if they’ve seen the other pairs of like shorts with their chain belts. If the sales clerk doesn’t remember seeing any of the shorts or doesn’t remember anything about the chain belts length and where it should fall then resort back to how the shorts fit.

If the shorts fit and it takes more than a few tugs to fasten the belt the belt may have missing links.

In some cases where a link has been mashed together after trying the clothing and its chain belt on you may get it home only to find the fastener is missing. In other words, the fastener fell off somewhere in the dressing room.

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