The Top 5 Halo: Reach Players That’ll Drive You the Most Insane If They End Up on Your Team

Playing a game of Halo: Reach online multiplayer is usually a very enjoyable experience, but if you get the wrong teammates on your team, Halo: Reach can go from fun to being a butt-curdling annoying experience and these are the top 5 players that’ll tick you off the most.

Weapon Hogs

If you’re a seasoned Halo: Reach player, you’ll know that as soon as a new game starts, the first thing everyone does is rush to nab the most powerful weapons and secure the best possible game map locations. Having a teammate grab your power weapon of choice (Sniper, Rocket, Shotgun, etc.) is rather disappointing, but what sucks even more is when a teammate continues to grab that same weapon every time it responds and betrays you if you nab it before them.


Every now and then you’ll come across a teammate in a game of Halo: Reach multiplayer that is totally oblivious to how Halo is played – or so it may seem. There are gamers out there whose idea of having fun is making sure that you are completely miserable – and Halo: Reach is filled with these types of gamers. Betrayers and suicidal teammates will drive you totally mad, while playing Halo: Reach and will almost always end up in a lost game and plenty of wasted time. To avoid this experience, it is advisable to check your in-game statistics from a reliable website tracker.


Sometimes gamers have to leave a game of Halo: Reach multiplayer to tend to important business, personal events, or due to a shoddy internet blip, and while quitting out of a game of Halo: Reach for one these purposes is perfectly understandable, most gamers don’t quite for sensible reasons – they quit to piss you off. Unlike with Call of Duty games, when someone quits out in Halo: Reach, they’re gone for the remainder of the game and you’ll be short a player for the rest of the game – leaving you hung out to dry.

Montage Kids

When playing Halo: Reach online, most gamer’s primary object will be to win the match at hand, but there are other gamers that are only interested in doing tricks and stunts that look cool, but usually result in actions that can cost your team the game – and we call these players “montage kids”. Montage kids will hog the power weapons, leach your kills, and are most interested in capturing awesome looking footage – and while this might not sound so bad, you’ll hate having one of these players on your team, because they’ll fail at doing things that are seen in montages more times than not.

Teh Butt Hurt

Denial is not just a river in Egypt and is a primary trait of lots of Halo: Reach gamers. When I’m doing badly in a game or Halo or my team isn’t doing so well, I try to figure out what I can do to get back in the lead, but lots of “butt hurt” gamers would rather spend the time trying to construct a proper game plan complaining, casting blame, and crying through their microphone headsets. Whenever something goes wrong, these players will moan and squeak in a nasally voice and drive you complete mad whenever you play with one of them in a game of Halo: Reach.

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