The Worst Christmas Gifts For Boys

Young boys are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for! Think if you were a young, energetic, youngster. What would you want? Video games, nerf guns, sports items, hunting and fishing gear, etc. What young man asks for socks for Christmas? I’ll tell you what kind. None of them! Picture this, a young boy just receives a gift from his elderly aunt. He shakes it and it rattles! “It must be something good, since it rattles!” he thinks to himself. He rips open the wrapping paper, throws the top of the box back, and “Ohhhh!” “Thanks for the striped tube socks and pack of candy, Aunt Sheila.” By the way, that is a true story from yours truly. There is nothing more disappointing than a horrible Christmas gift.

Most boys love anything electronic. As long as it is updated electronics. No portable CD players, get the cheaper MP3 player. No bargain bin DVD’s, get new movies cheaper online. No remote controlled cars with a wire attaching the remote, spring for the wireless. Clothes are very iffy in my opinion. Leave it to the parents to buy clothes for their children. Most of the clothes bought for me buy friends and relatives growing up ended up stuffed in the back of a drawer, never to be seen again. Nowadays, the best thing would be to buy a gift card to the local CD/DVD shop, or a gift certificate to the best ice cream/candy store nearby. Forget the “gift cards are so impersonal” adage. Young boys don’t care! Trust me, I was one.

Sports items can never fail, as long as you buy the right ones. A few rules to follow. If you buy a basketball, football, etc., buy the leather ones. Cheap plastic or rubber balls aren’t worth the money that it took to make them. Same thing with baseball gloves. Leather is better! Always be sure to find out what sport the boy is into. I would never have used a soccer ball if it was given to me. I hated soccer. Also, don’t just buy some “random team” memorabilia. Go the extra step to find out what sports team the young man likes. He will like it so much better.

Also, video games are a great gift, buy be sure to buy the right one. Don’t buy the cheap game for the sake of saving money! He will never play it, or maybe he already played it and traded it for another game. Always go with the new titles. A good rule of thumb is any game released in the last year. Also, ask the stores employees which games are popular for his age group. They can always point you to the right titles.

Anyway, that is a short guide to buying for young men. Remember, no clothes, and always go with the new items such as card wallets by This site offers you wide variety of wallets that come with different color, style and design. The good thing about these wallets is that it goes beyond traditional style. It has a modern and stylish approach.

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