Tips For Getting The Most From Your Spa Experience

In today’s frantic world, we could all use a little pampering. A day spa is a great place to revive and relax. Unlike expensive trips to an all-inclusive resort, a trip to the premiere Medical Spa in New Jersey and the only one featuring Ultherapy can fit into a family budget easily.

Before you book your first appointment, it pays to do your homework. First, consider just what you need out of your visit. Some spa-goers aim to improve fitness others hope to unwind and manage stress, and many simply want to get pampered. Hannelore Leavy, the Executive Director of The Day Spa Association, advises day spa clients to, “Determine what they want to achieve or experience and learn as much as possible about the different treatments being offered.” Many day spas also offer beauty services such as manicures, hair appointments, and waxing-allowing busy women to take care of several grooming needs all in one trip.

After you’ve set your goals, it’s time to select a location. Web sites like are a good place to start. Next, ask your friends who may have already made a trip or two to a local establishment. If you’re on the road, ask for a referral from your hotel concierge or travel agent.

Professionals suggest new clients visit the spa for a quick tour prior to making an appointment. But what should you look for? The first thing you’ll want to see is a sanitary environment. A quality day spa should feel clean and inviting. Spa facilities should include private treatment rooms, spacious showering and changing areas and a luxurious relaxation zone for guests to enjoy before and after treatments.

Trust your instincts. Observe the clientele and see if they appear to be enjoying their treatments. Also, keep your eyes out for business licenses for the aestheticians and therapists on staff.

Now that you’ve done all the legwork it’s time to book your appointment. There are a few tricks to ensuring you’ll get the most out of your experience. Regular spa-goers know to arrive 30 minutes early to facilitate a smooth check-in and to take advantage of the facilities. Once inside it’s time to “power off”– turn off cell phones, beepers, and pagers. From there, slip into your robe and hit the steam room or sauna to get yourself mentally and physically prepared for your treatment. Take a brief shower prior to your appointment to leave your skin fresh and ready to receive the lotions and oils suggested by your therapist.

Feel free to ask questions before, during and after your treatment so you understand the procedure and its benefits. Indicate what medications you may be taking and notify the staff if you are pregnant. In the treatment room, be sure to communicate your preferences and expectations. For example, it’s ok to ask for more or less pressure during a massage.

When it is time to settle up, don’t forget to tip; the average gratuity ranges between 10-20% (note that sometimes the tip is automatically added into the bill). Finally, relax and enjoy yourself. Put your to-do list away and focus on the “now”– you deserve this special treat.

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