Top Ten Dirt Devil Upright Vacuums

Dirt Devil vacuums are widely available in most retail stores and online. For the price of shipping, you can even have one delivered directly to your home. With so many different options of vacuum, and with such a wide variety available, it is easy to get overwhelmed as you scan the shelves at Best Buy, Circuit City, Lowes or Home Depot, let alone if you’re doing searches online. Here is a brief guide to some of the more popular Dirt Devil vacuums.

Although one of the more expensive Dirt Devil brand vacuum cleaners, the Dirt Devil Reaction Fresh Upright is not the highest rated reviewed here. It gets good points for weight (at 23 pounds, it weighs less than most other vacuum cleaners). Additionally, the scented filters add a delightful aroma to any room. The hose is such that any clogs are easy to fix. However, many users, particularly on, found that the suction power left much to be desired and that the overall durability of this product was pretty questionable. Prices range from $140-$180 on this machine. The selection of the best vacuum for car detailing should be done through the person. The model of the product will be designed to fulfill the requirements of the person at less cost. 

We personally own the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus, so obviously I view this as the superior model of all those listed here. At only around $50 retail, this Dirt Devil is extremely lightweight at only 12 pounds. The durability is amazing; I dropped mine down the stairs and it was still working without a dent or scratch on it. Since we have a mixture of floor types in our home (carpet, tile, and the majority hardwoods), we wanted a machine that could work on all types. This Dirt Devil certainly fit that bill. The suction is fantastic and the retractable cord cannot be beat. The only complaint that I personally have with the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus is that the canister fills up quickly, though I imagine that’s more testimony to life with a dog and a toddler than to the actual capacity!

For a retail price of approximately $130- $160, the Dirt Devil 87400 Vision looks and acts like a monster of a machine. With a wide suction hose, ready to pick up even larger items, there’s no need to pre-clean those hard to reach areas. It has a HEPA filter to cut down on allergens, as well as a bagless canister to collect dirt. However, some reviews on complain that the manner in which to dump the canister, and note that the power cord can get tangled in the tools on the back (though, in my experience, this is the situation with almost every vacuum that doesn’t have a retractable cord).

The Dirt Devil Vision 088400 Turbo (not to be confused with the 088300 Turbo, which receives terrible reviews) has the incredible sucking power that many homes with pets need. It also comes with a plethora of attachments to allow users to reach and clean a variety of locations. At just around $100 (and you can even find it for as low as $60 on some online sites, though you’ll spend the difference in shipping), this is a cost-effective Dirt Devil. Some reviews on Amazon and claim, however, that the model may stop working after a time, which might explain the extremely generous manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years on parts and 6 years on the motor.

One of the least expensive models Dirt Devil offers in the upright style, the Dirt Devil Featherlite M085570 can be purchased for as little as $45, especially if you look for it on sale at large electronic outlet stores (Best Buy and Circuit City). The low price, more fitting to an off-brand model that may work only some of the time, gives this Dirt Devil product a bit more leeway in terms of suction power and features, but there are some notes to be made as to what the Dirt Devil Featherlite M085570 is missing. First, the suction really is not quite as good as with more expensive, larger models. Secondly, it does not have a true HEPA filter, though the MicroFilter claims ( to trap 99% of allergens. Overall, this is a great vacuum for someone looking to clean a smaller space for less money. My brother has had his for a couple of years already and is still quite pleased.

If you don’t mind (or prefer) bagged upright vacuum cleaners, the Dirt Devil EZ Rewind HEPA vacuum is a very good purchase. The 15″ cleaning path is larger than many of the other models presented here, which average around 11″. The suction is pretty good, and the price ($100) is fantastic. Lightweight at only 18 pounds, the Dirt Devil EZ Rewind allows, per reviews on, even children to use it easily.

The Dirt Devil Reaction Soft Touch Bagless vacuum is the most expensive model that I have reviewed here, starting at $160 on sale. This is a vacuum that looks like a beast. The suction is quite strong and the design is durable. The tools are all rubberized on the corners to avoid accidental scratching, making this a pretty good bet even for homes with hardwoods. The cord length is longer than that of the average vacuum, proving once again that more expensive models of anything means that the designers put a bit more thought into convenience. Truly, the only disadvantage to this model is the cost.

Trying to save a bit of energy for something other than vacuuming? The Dirt Devil Kinetix Self-Propelled upright vacuum is a good and cost effective way to do that. For only $115, this vacuum offers all of the same features as some of the more expensive models, plus the added advantage of being self-propelled. Swivel canisters allow for easy cleaning, and the longer cord and wider cleaning path give the advantage of speed and efficiency to an already fast and efficient model. The negative here? It’s pretty tricky to find this in retail stores.

For those who suffer from allergies, finding the right vacuum cleaner can be pretty tricky. The Reaction Dual Cyclonic Dirt Devil with bonus tools allows the user, for a relatively reasonable price of $150, to clear their house of most of that unwanted dirt and dust. The HEPA filter and dual cyclonic power give that extra burst of power to assure near total cleanliness.

The Dirt Devil Ultra Swivel Glide is an inexpensive machine (around $70-$80) with one great feature: swivel power. The swiveling ability on this Dirt Devil gives it a maneuverability that is far superior to most models in this price range. It also offers a full bag indicator, even though it lacks the bagless feature of some of the other Dirt Devils.

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