Top Ten Gift Ideas For World Travelers

With more and more travel deals being offered on the internet, almost everyone can indulge in world travel. Whether it is an African Safari or ski trip in the Swiss Alps, every journey requires certain travel necessities. So why not get that traveler on your list something they can use on their next excursion.

  1. Travel Guides – If you don’t know where the travel enthusiast is heading next, get them 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. This is a great book that includes regional guides for sights not to be missed and things to do while in that area.

If you know where your traveler is going next, try to get them a guide book for that country or region. A good guide book should include lots of maps, transportation information and rail maps, entertainment, dining and shopping information along with the always important cultural sights and customs. Another helpful feature to make sure is included in the guidebook is a foreign phrase section that includes traveler questions translated and written in both languages.

  1. Passport Covers and Travel Belt/Wallet – Passport covers are popular with travelers who frequently cross international borders. Available in a variety of colors and material (leather, plastic or cloth), these covers protect passports from getting dog-eared corners and wrinkled pages. Travel belts are great for wearing under clothing to protect valuables, money and identification from being stolen. A good travel wallet can be a time saver at the airport and while traveling to help keep oversized tickets and itineraries organized.
  1. Luggage Tags and Locks – New TSA luggage locks allow travelers to secure their luggage while still allowing them to be searched by TSA security agents, some even have built in ID tags. Luggage tags are now available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes making it easier to identify luggage on crowded luggage carousels.
  1. Binoculars – Whether to look at a schlosse in Germany or to check out the Great Wall of China, a good pair of compact binoculars are always appreciated. There are even some now that take pictures!
  1. Clothes – Huh? Most people travel to climates different than what their wardrobe will accommodate. A traveler would appreciate a safari hat if they are heading to Africa or perhaps a ski vest if heading to a ski holiday. Good socks for hiking or sandals for the beach are other ideas.
  1. Travel Scrapbook Kit – If you are a creative gift giver, collect location appropriate stickers, paper and embellishments. Then purchase a small scrapbook from the local craft store. When the pictures are developed they’ll be ready to go into a memory keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

  1. Converter/Foreign Appliances – Most Americans travelers have grooming habits they don’t want to abandon while abroad. However, not all countries use the same voltage in their outlets making US hairdryers, flat irons and electric razors useless. A converter would be appreciated, but to go even a step further would be to gift a foreign appliance ready to use in country.
  1. Travel Pillow- There are many different varieties available, including inflatable or micro bead filled. Horseshoe shaped travel pillows are a life saver on long flights, where airline pillows can be less than comfortable.
  1. Snack Packs – Energy and breakfast bars, candy, gum and other treats are useful for long trips. Foreign countries don’t carry the same products that are found on US shelves. So if your traveler has certain snacks that they can’t live without then it’s better to take it with them than gamble on not finding it on their journey.
  1. Foreign Currency – It’s always good to have some pocket money on hand when arriving in a foreign country. It’s never wise to carry only cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards are much safer these days. However, cab fare and luggage porter tips will require cash.

Travelers will appreciate anything that will make their trips easier. Battery operated alarm clock, noise canceling headphones and electronic language translators are also other good gifts. Batteries or media storage cards for digital cameras and video recorders are also appreciated. Help your traveler gear up with any of these gift ideas and I’m sure they’ll think of you during their globetrotting adventures.

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