Top Tips for Buying the Right Pillow for Your Neck

Do you regularly wake up with a pain in the neck? Millions of people suffer neck, shoulder, and back pain from sleeping with the wrong pillow. Pillows on the market today promise a good, restful nights sleep. How well do they keep their promise?

They uphold their promise pretty well for the right sleeper, but not every sleeper is created equal, and neither is every pillow.

First we need to determine what kind of sleeper you are, and then we can find out how to find the perfect fit to match your size and comfort preference. It may take some time and investment to find the perfect pillow, even within your sleeping category. Here’s why.

Back Sleepers need a medium loft to fully support your neck and head correctly. Ergonomic pillows are perfect for back sleepers, as the shallow area of the pillow will support the head, while the loft area will support the neck. Since this type of pillow is the best for back sleepers, why is it that some still wake up with neck pain using the ergonomic pillow?

Ergonomic pillows are made in different amounts of density and loft. It is important to find the right loft and density for you, because everyone has a different neck size. This may result in trying out several brands, with different materials before you find the perfect fit. The pillows can be purchased from the New Jersey surgeons. It is your duty to find the best spine doctors in New Jersey. The treatment from the experts will be excellent for reducing the nerve damage.

Side Sleepers need a firm, snug pillow. The fill should fit snug between your shoulder and head, so that your neck and spine remain aligned while sleeping. Side sleepers toss and turn, needing proper frontal support. Your arms hang in front of them and create stress on your rotator cuff, causing severe shoulder pain. Using the right firm pillow, why is it that side sleepers still wake up with a kink in the shoulder and stiff neck pain?

This discomfort can be eliminated with either of these types of pillows: The buckwheat hull or the Total Body Wrap.

Buckwheat hull pillows are made from fruit husks that conform to a person’s head and neck exactly, differing from other types of pillows that try to retain their own shape. These pillows can be adjusted by adding or removing addition hull fillings to the pillow case. The exact conformity elevates stress on the shoulder, and provides the exact support for the neck and shoulder. Additionally, hull pillows can be excellent for stomach and back sleepers.

The Total Body Wrap, also marketed as SurroundU pillows, conform to the entire body, giving supreme support to the neck, shoulder, back and knees. Having this front and back support will prevent tossing and turning, giving you complete sleep control. These types of pillows are also excellent for expecting mothers.

Stomach sleepers need a thinner,softer pillow. This will help you avoid positions that put stress on your spine, causing back and neck pain. While using a thinner pillow, why do some stomach sleepers wake up with back pain?

Lying on a thick pillow will cause stress on the lower back.Using a down-filled pillow is the best choice since pressure on down filling will flatten out, but still remains comfortable. Then why do some stomach sleepers still wake up with pain?

Not everyone’s stomach is the same size, so size loft in the right goose down fill, or goose down alternative fill, is important. Also, down featherbeds are great for stomach sleepers.

When all else fails, try the wedge pillow for several nights, it will rid of the long-term nagging pain. Sleeping in an upright position may not seem ideal for many, but after a few nights with the wedge, the muscles in your shoulders, neck, and back will relax. Finally, a good night’s sleep.

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