Unwanted Hair Removal: Temporary and Permanent Options

Unwanted facial hair is a very embarrassing problem for millions of women. Finding the best way to get rid of it is often time consuming and expensive. Here are several different options you can look into to see if one of these may work for you.

First you have to ask yourself, are you looking for a temporary or permanent solution to hair reduction? Some of the more popular temporary solutions include waxing, using a depilatory such as cream or spray, shaving or tweezing. The majority of these products can be used on the upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini area and legs. As a word of caution, always test a small area of skin by applying the product to a test area first. This will make sure that your skin will not burn or have an allergic reaction.

One common method of hair removal is waxing. Heated wax is applied to the skin. You then apply a thin strip of cloth to where the wax is and press firmly. After a few minutes, the strips are quickly pulled away from the skin. This process pulls the hair follicle out. of the skin. When you are finished, the excess wax is washed off with warm water and soap. Waxing is supposed to leave you with soft hair free skin from four to eight weeks.

Another form of hair removal are cream or spray depilatory hair removers. A depilatory is chemical based and gets rid of the hair below the surface. The depilatories are smoothed or sprayed onto the skin, left on for five to ten minutes and gently wiped off with a soft cloth. An added benefit to using these depilatories is that they usually contain other ingredients which leave your skin radiant. They make these for normal and sensitive skin and usually provide results that last several days on up to two weeks.

Some women prefer to get rid of hair by using the old fashioned reliable way of shaving. Women can shave their underarms, bikini area or legs in just a few minutes. It is painless and usually has results that last two to three days.

Another simple way to remove unwanted hair is by tweezing. This is probably the most time consuming and painful way to remove hair but works good when removing hair from a small spot in a hurry.

If have gotten tired of all of the temporary solutions, then the other option is to try permanent laser hair removal in New Jersey. Two popular forms of permanent hair removal are electrolysis and laser hair removal. These treatments are offered at both professional hair treatment centers and salons and are administered by certified professional aestheticians. There are some electrolysis and laser hair removal systems for home use but I do not recommend these because the results may not be as good as what you would get from a professional.

Electrolysis works on dark and light hair. A needle is inserted into every hair follicle which emits a low electrical current that kills the follicle. This is usually performed on the brows, upper lip and chin and can take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour to complete as each hair follicle has to be treated. You may have to return for fifteen to thirty sessions. Electrolysis has a higher success rate than using laser removal.

Laser hair removal is also done by a professional aesthetician and works better on dark hair. This is performed in less than twenty minutes. Treatments are quick and easy. You may need to return for eight to ten visits. Many individuals experience permanent hair reduction from 70% to 80%. Usually the remaining hairs are too fine or light in color to be removed.

It is important to note that some people may experience re-growth from either of these permanent hair removal solutions and if that happens, then you will need to go back for another treatment.

If your end result is to have beautiful smooth hair free skin, then possibly one of these solutions may be right or you. Be sure to thoroughly research all hair removal options and you will find the perfect one that fits you best.

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