Want To Shit To Parc Esta Condo? Here’s Everything That You Need To Know

Condominiums have grown really popular in recent times. With people looking for affordable housing and accommodation, condos have become the perfect choice for their housing. Condo units are one of the ways in which you can afford living without compromising on the necessary amenities that is essential for your living in today’s time. Condos in Singapore are also really popular, considering that it is one of the most important and developing city in the South East Asian region. The Parc Esta is the new residential landmark of the city. A lot of people have been asking and inquiring about it in recent times. That is why in today’s blog, we are going to discuss some important information regarding the Parc Esta condo and show you the details.

Facilities Available At Parc Esta Condo

The sheer scale of all the massive development that is taking place in this condominium, has led to the very extensive availability of facilities. The property is well equipped with all the modern amenities that are required for a nice accommodation and housing experience. The facilities have been subdivided into 3 different parts – The Grand Parc, West Parc and East Parc. All the different parts of the property have their own theme and can cater to the needs of the condo residents in the best possible manner.

Full fledged facilities that include in this property are – tennis court, swimming pool, community hall, children park and several other exciting areas. As the homes continue to get smarter than ever before, condos have developed and progressed over the course of time as well. That is why people are much more interested in living in the condos nowadays instead of buying an expensive house or apartment for themselves.

Three Different Wings of Parc Esta Condo

The Parc Esta Condo is divided into 3 different wings – Grand Parc, West Parc and East Parc. All these three different wings of the Esta Condo have different features and facilities that makes them unique and lively. Take a look at them –

Grand Parc 

the Grand Parc is the main and most popular part of the entire condominium. You will find a whole lot of lounges and arrival court available here. The objective of such grandeur and royalty is to impress the guests and at the same time, make the residents feel more homely. You will also find a Koi Pond in the middle of the area and that adds to the level of aesthetics to this whole place. This beautiful area is surrounded by timeless architecture and lush greenery that provides with an air of freshness and rejuvenates your mind in the best manner.

West Parc 

the West Parc area is ideal for those who want to spend more time with their families and children. The area has a number of children’s playground, party pavillions and family lagoons. This is a haven for kids and parents who can have fun and enjoy the best time of their life. If your family consists of children, then the West Parc is the best area of the Parc Esta Condo where you can spend the rest of your life in fun. The community life here is positive and helps to influence more optimism in your life all the time.

East Parc

for those residents who want to take out more time for themselves and spend with their friends, the East Parc is the best place. The area features lap pool, jacuzzi, sun decks and different other activities which are meant for adults. These activities offer the highest level of rejuvenation and helps to relax your mind all the time. This is specially more important when you are staying in a city like Singapore. Instead of spending your money, booking an expensive villa or resort, why don’t you just explore your condominium property and enjoy all of them.

So, these are three different wings of the Parc Esta Condo in Singapore, that you should know about. All the three areas offer different kinds of features and facilities to the residents and guests. Depending on the preferences and desires that you have and the facilities you want to enjoy, you can book a condo in one of the three areas.

Final Words

Singapore is one of the fast paced cities in the entire south east region. If you’re looking for an affordable and really convenient accommodation in the heart of the city, then Parc Esta Condo is one of the best opinions that you have currently. We have discussed about different details related to the condominium in today’s blog. Now, it is your turn to contact authorities and get to know further details about the price of the condos that are available here.

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