Ways To Use Old Carpeting And Rugs

Old carpeting and rugs that are too worn to use in visible areas of the home can still be used in many practical and valuable ways. Instead of throwing away old carpeting and rugs, put them to good use. Here you’ll discover many ways to reuse old carpeting and rugs, and you’ll save a great deal of money as well as make use of materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. If you have plans to get rid of old carpeting or rugs, consider these ways to recycle and reuse them. They’re definitely worth keeping and reusing, and your trash just might be someone else’s treasure!

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters can use donations of washable rugs to provide beds for homeless dogs and cats. They’ll provide comfort and warmth, and they’re better than old towels and thin blankets. Consider washing and donating your old washable carpets to a local animal shelter. More than likely they’ll gladly accept any washable materials you’re willing to donate.


Most people would never consider using old rugs outdoors, but surprisingly the garden is the perfect place to use them, especially if you don’t want to use chemical weed killers. They’ll provide a walking path while naturally blocking out weeds. The rugs will eventually deteriorate, and they’re a safe alternative to chemical products.


If you can no longer fix old rigs with the help of a professional carpet cleaning near me, your old rugs and carpeting can be used in the garage next to parked vehicles. When footwear is dirty they will provide a place to wipe off snow, dirt, water, and grime, and they can be washed and used until they literally fall apart. The old rugs and carpet pieces will keep dirt and moisture out of the home as well as out of vehicles.


Those who enjoy camping can use old washable rugs and carpets for keeping their camper floors clean, and even those who camp using tents can implement old rugs and sections of carpeting. They protect floors while providing an area to kick off shoes and relax.

Even if you don’t camp, chances are you know someone who does. Instead of throwing away old rugs and carpeting that’s good enough to reuse, offer it to someone who camps. Chances are they’ll be able to use the rugs and good sections of carpeting you can no longer use in your home.


If you have old rugs and sections of carpeting that are no longer good enough for the living room, family room, bathroom, or kitchen, move them to an enclosed porch. They may not be good enough for the rest of the home, but they’ll be good enough for catching moisture and trapping dirt brought in on shoes. They may not look attractive, but they’ll save the floors from dirt, moisture, and grime. They can also be placed beneath newer decorative rugs for extra absorbency.


Old rugs and sections of used carpeting are great for basement use. Most of my old carpets I couldn’t use upstairs ended up in my basement. I placed one old rug in front of my chest freezer, and I used sections of carpeting to make a pathway on the cold concrete floor. I wouldn’t have wanted to use new rugs or carpets in the basement, and the old ones provided the perfect solution.

Give Them Away

You might not find a use for all of your old rugs and sections of carpeting that are too good to throw away, but chances are you’ll find people who would love to have them. What you might consider too worn to use others might want. Offer old rugs and good sections of carpeting at Freecycle. More than likely you’ll find someone nearby who will take your old rugs and good sections of carpeting off your hands. You’ll save them from ending up in the trash, and someone else will save money in the process.