What Are The Eight Coolest Ways To Use Foursquare?

Foursquare is a cool new social media network that encourages friends to get out of their homes and have fun in the real world. Foursquare is changing the face of social networking and here are the eight coolest ways to take advantage of this new trend.

1: Find new locations

Whether you are new to your city or have been living there your entire life, you’ve probably been missing out on cool locations you’ve never visited before. Good hangouts are hard to find and are usually discovered via word of mouth, but foursquare and your friends can be an endless resource for great places to visit and try out.

2: Get freebies

Would you like to know who’s running a promotion or where to find the best prices in town? – Foursquare will be your leading guide. You can also do more than save you money with foursquare; you can sometimes get cool things for free. By visiting a location more than anyone else on foursquare you’ll become the “Mayor” of that location. Mayors are treated like VIP at their favorite spots and can get awarded freebies at the location they reign supreme over.

3: Spy on what your friends are doing

Every time one of your friends “checks-in” to a location on foursquare it’s broadcasted to their entire network of friends (including you). If you want to know where a friend has been, what they’re doing, or where they frequent, you can just browse their profile and spy on the cool things your friends are doing.

4: Get cool tips and recommendations

Stuck in the house for the night? Don’t know where to go or what to do? Use foursquare to find out cool activities for someone with your lifestyle. Discover happy hours, great places to eat, the best meals in certain restaurants, which store has the lowest prices on jeans, etc. Leverage the experience of the friends on your foursquare network and get cool tips and insider information on places in your city.

5: Find out “buzzing” locations

Twitter has trendy topics but foursquare has trending locations. Using foursquare will allow its users to know the hottest locations and activities that are going on – right now! If you want to be in the best places and strive to be the life of the party, use foursquare to discover the hippest joints to showcase your awesomeness.

6: Meet up with friends

When you’re out on the town, check foursquare to see if any of your friends are at nearby locations. Wouldn’t your friends be thrilled if you surprised them and dropped by to grab a sandwich, beer, or just say hello? Using foursquare will definitely bring people together by allowing friends to know when their friends are out and what they’re doing. It’s sort of like Xbox Live; with more emphasis on the “Live”.

7: Get in the game

I almost forgot to mention that foursquare turns your active social life into a fun filled game. You can earn points from visiting new locations, bringing friends with you, visiting a location more than once a day, going out of town, and much more. Doing new things on foursquare will allow you to earn foursquare badges and show your friends how awesome and cool you are. Gaining points and being the most frequent customer at a location will earn you the title of Mayor and grant you those freebies we mentioned earlier.

8: Meet new people

Foursquare isn’t just for people that know each other; it can be a great tool to meet new people. You’ll be able to meet new friends on foursquare that frequent the same places you visit, share the same style, or just seem cool to you. Once you’ve added a new friend on foursquare, you’ll be able to see their locations and can even meet new love interests to share a cup of coffee with.

There are lots of cool ways to take advantage of the new and trendy foursquare website and application. This new angle on social networking is the biggest buzz in bringing friends together so go check out foursquare.com and join the fun (if you haven’t already). Instead of purchasing cheap instagram views, you can use the foursquare application. The views on the stories will be real and promote the account of the person.


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