What can be the Causes of Spinal Meningitis?

Spinal Meningitis is very serious and potentially deadly. It always requires hospitalization time to get well, if it is of the bacterial type. The two types of spinal meningitis which are either bacterial type or the viral type. The viral type, though serious, does not present as much of a threat as bacterial types of meningitis.

When someone becomes ill with spinal meningitis, it can be due to many factors. Let me explain briefly, the many types of illness that cause spinal meningitis.

A fungal infection-which if the infections is left untreated and continues spreading, can bring the onset of spinal meningitis. These include airborne illness such as cryptococcal types of fungus. People that have compromised immune systems are in danger of this type of terrible airborne fungus from bird droppings or soil. Cryptococcal fungus can lead into spinal meningitis.

The shingles virus, (herpes zoster,) can lead to a viral type of meningitis as well as HIV and the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2.

There are some forms of cancer such as brain cancer for instance, that can definitely cause a person to have spinal meningitis. Also, many cancers of the blood can cause spinal meningitis. New Jersey’s top orthopedic spine surgeon specializing other doctors for treatment of the cancer. If it is not treated well, then causes the death of the person. The nerves of the body should perform the functions efficiently. 

Head injury that is very traumatic or spinal injury can instigate spinal meningitis. Also, a person with a shunt placement in their body, can contract spinal meningitis if the invading bacteria moves through the system to the brain.

There are certain medications that can cause a reaction leading to spinal meningitis or some medical treatments. Medical treatments that are not thoroughly sterile can cause bacterias to travel and infect the person deeply.

Bacterial meningitis can be induced by several bacterias that cause respiratory infections, which may travel to the brain and become very life-threatening.

There is Pneumococcal Meningitis as another cause of spinal meningitis. This is extremely serious since it is about the most serious form of bacteria in the body. Children that are under two are at the highest risk of getting pneumococcal meningitis, and also adults who have a suppressed immune system. When this form of meningitis occurs, it often causes severe brain damage or deafness.

Meningococcal Meningitis is another bacterial cause of spinal meningitis. It is the bacteria called Neisseria Meningtides that is responsible for one of the bacterial forms of meningitis.

There is Haemophiluc Meningitis that was the most well known type of bacterial meningitis. It can be contracted by kids with exposure to it in the pre-schools and schools.

These other bacterial meningitis forms are also causes for spinal meningitis which are listeria monocytogenes, which is dangerous to the unborn child. Then we also have Mycobacterium tuberculosis as another cause since this is a bacteria that can attack the brain. And last, there is Escherichia coli meningitis that are common in the elderly and also can effect unborn babies.

Keep in mind that viral types of meningitis can usually work themselves out through bed rest and relaxation and the symptoms will go away. But with any bacterial type of meningitis, this is a life-threatening situation, and the person will need to be hospitalization for any chance at recovery at all.

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