What Not To Do When You Start a Diet

If you’re digging into the latest low-carb diet to work off a few pounds, or trying out the South Beach Diet to slim down before holiday season, you may end up like over 90% of dieters who succeed with their plan – but then gain the weight back after a few short weeks. Similar to CoolSculpting treatments for stomach there are diet plans that will help you in achieving your goal with your body in a short amount of time. Although, if you can follow your diet plan along with a regular session of coolsculpting you can quickly get in shape.

Starting a new diet can be a test of willpower, and it won’t take long for a friendly coworker or well-meaning family members to offer you some non-diet food that gets you off track with your plans.

If you’re committed to losing weight with the latest diet strategy, here’s what you need to avoid to stay on track with your plans:

  1. Cut out all of your favorite foods. Diets usually backfire when you’re left eating uninspiring, tasteless food and you start to miss your favorite dishes. Be creative and flex those cooking skills so you can remake some of your favorites but still adhere to the diet’s guidelines.
  2. Make drastic changes during the first week. Cutting back on calories and completely changing your usual routine can make you anxious, irritable and set you up for cravings. Transition yourself into the new diet with small steps so you ‘re not overwhelmed by the change. Your body – and mind – will thank you.
  3. Tell everyone and their neighbor you’re ‘on a new diet.’ Declaring your goals to the world can be motivating in some situations, but in the world of dieting, you may end up putting too much pressure on yourself. Avoid sharing the news until you’re sure the ‘diet’ becomes your usual routine.
  4. Skip the food journal. Writing down your daily intake can make you more conscientious about your eating habits, and experts say you’ll be more likely to stick with your diet as a result.
  5. Go grocery shopping before dinner. One of the easiest ways to sabotage your diet is to make your way to a nearby food mecca when your stomach’s growling. Plan your schedule so you can shop at a time when you’re less vulnerable to the calls of the bakery aisle.
  6. Expect results within 10 days. Ten days is just enough time to get your metabolism ready for weight loss mode. You’ll need to stick with your diet for at least three weeks to start seeing some significant changes.
  7. Stock up on food. The sooner you can get in the habit of being less dependent on having food around – whether you actually eat it or not – the easier it will be to stick with your diet for the long-term.
  8. Hide behind baggy clothes until you ‘lose the weight.’ Wearing clothes that are too big for you can be de-motivating and might encourage you to stay at your current weight. Wear clothes that make you feel great no matter what size you are.
  9. Skip meals to meet your daily calorie requirements. Skipping meals can end up making you’re hungrier than usual, so you’re better off eating small meals throughout the day to keep up your energy level and lose weight.

When you’re committed to losing weight with the latest diet, steer clear of these nine diet mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.

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