Which AFK Arena Characters Show Potential For Ascend?

Ascension is one of the prime aspects of AFK Arena. The latest mobile idle game has taken the gaming world by storm which is evident from its growing membership base with each passing month. Are you a newbie in the AFK Arena looking forward to learn the ropes of Ascend and other important activities of the game? Well, you can have a look at afk.guide to enhance your knowledge about the game strategies and tips.

One of the common questions among the AFK Arena players is that which of the characters would be great for ascend. In simple words, “ascend” means ability to move to the next tier or class in the game. Before getting into that discussion, it’s to note that heroes here are identified by their portraits. The frame color of these portraits determines the class of heroes. You have 7 colors here- Green, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Red and Silver. Among these the Green Color represents “Common” heroes. The other colors represent heroes ranging from Rare to Elite to Legendary to Mythic. The Silver color frames stand for Ascended heroes.

Which characters to choose for Ascend?

Don’t go for Common heroes

First of all, don’t count on Common heroes here. It’s for the simple fact that they can’t be ascended. In fact, these heroes will always stay common despite the fact that they can reach till level 100.

How about Rare heroes to and Rare+ level?

These heroes belong to Blue colored portrait frames. And yes, you can ascend Rare heroes to Rare+ level safely.

Would you ascend Rare+ heroes to Elite level?

Of course, you can ascend Rare+ heroes to Elite Level. The Elite heroes belong to Violet portrait frames.

But, be careful of the heroes you choose for ascend. Some heroes are only cool for fodder. Here is a list of heroes whom you might count on for ascend from Rare+ to Elite level.

  • Maulers: Count on Saveas and also Golus

  • Lightbearers: Hogan would be your top pick

  • Wilders: Arden and Ira too

  • Graveborn: You can count both on Silvina and Vedan

But, this list would be great when you are early in your Mid game.

Should you ascend Elite to Elite+?

You can always ascend Elite heroes to Elite+ tier. Do not worry of any kind of downside here. Both these tiers belong to Violet portrait frames.

Would it be okay to ascend Elite+ to Legendary?

Yes, absolutely, you can safely ascend Elite+ characters to Legendary tier. The Legendary heroes belong to Yellow portrait frames. But, then there are certain tips to keep in mind here.

  • Ascending early into your mid game

You should only proceed to ascend here if you are confident to use Legendary heroes till level 160. It’s mostly because your resources are really limited here. So, practice due diligence and be selective about the characters to ascend. According to experts, it’s better not to ascend heroes those are under A tier.

  • Ascending late game

You might ascend here unless you have some higher rarity heroes whom you wish to ascend straight the Ascended rarity level. If you want to ascend the Ascended tier characters past the Legendary ones, it would require you Elite+’s of same hero as well as Legendary+’s of same group.

Should you ascend Legendary to Legendary+?

Akin to Legendary heroes, Legendary+ heroes too belong to the Yellow portrait frame. And yes, you can always ascend Legendary characters to the Legendary+ level. But, then, if the player has a superior rarity of the hero whom plans to ascend to the Ascended rarity, he can’t.

What about Mythic ascension?

Well, in this case, you should prioritize Legendary tier characters as well as Ascended characters under A tier as fodder. Don’t fret, you can seamlessly ascend from Mythic+ level the Ascended rarity line. But, if the player already has Ascended rarity for a selected hero, he can’t.

So, you have quite an exhaustive discussion about characters to Ascend in AFK Arena. The game is compatible with both Android and iOS. It’s a simple and extremely convenient game thanks to its auto battle feature. If you haven’t downloaded the game, you are surely missing out on big fun.

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