Why You Should Have Moroccan Rugs In Your Home

Building or remodeling a house is a huge task to undertake. This involves coming up with an effective floor plan, deciding on what materials to use, and ultimately designing how the interiors should look like. For contractors and designers, coming up with a design ultimately depends on the home owner’s preference and style. Home owners, in turn, rely on designers for help in executing the things they want to materialize in designing the interiors of their homes.

One trend that has become quite popular in home design both in designers and home owners recently is the use of authentic Moroccan rugs and carpets in the home. Moroccan rugs are handwoven and produced by different tribes in the Moroccan region using natural materials and fabric. In many modern home design, it is common to see a Moroccan rug or two being used in different parts of the home to add a certain degree of ethnicity at home.

If you’re planning on having your home redesigned, or you’re a designer that’s looking to put a twist in your home designs, here are reasons to consider adding Moroccan rugs in your home design:

An effective combination of modern design and classic accent

Putting and using Moroccan rugs in your home adds a degree of classical atmosphere in the overall feel of your home design because of its natural materials and handwoven fabric feel. Its design, often consisting of patterns, shapes, and different colors make the overall effect modern and trendy which can easily work with modern pieces of appliances and pieces of furniture.

Moroccan rugs come in different styles and design, depending on the region and tribe that made it. This makes combination choices practically endless, with different available designs to suit whatever final look you have in mind.


Comfortable and durable at the same time

Moroccan rugs are originally made to keep tribes in Moroccan regions in the high Atlas Mountains warm during very cold weather. Often, these rugs are made of fabrics from different animals like sheep or camel, making them extraordinarily thick which is ideal for giving warmth and comfort in cold days. These makes Moroccan rugs one of the most comfortable and warm rugs and carpets available.

The fabric and material used also makes Moroccan rugs more durable than most machine-made carpets and rugs. If well taken care of, a piece of Moroccan rug or carpet can last for generations. The fabrics used for weaving Moroccan rugs and carpets are made of high-quality, natural materials that are extremely durable to wear and tear.

Moroccan rugs offer flexibility and versatility

Moroccan rugs come in various sizes, designs and patterns. The make and design of a Moroccan rug depends on the tribe which made it or the region it originated. Some tribes specialize on shapes and patterns while others focus on abstract design. Even the colors used in dyeing Moroccan rugs vary greatly, depending on the abundant natural dyeing substance in a certain region.

The vast number of choices for design make Moroccan rugs versatile and flexibility in practically any motif or theme in home design. It can easily blend well with modern pieces of furniture and can add more character to antiques and classic pieces. It’s only a matter of finding the right Moroccan rug design that will fit perfectly with the your preference and style.


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