World of Warcraft Quest Guide: “Invasion Point: Annihilator”

Your time at Honor Point has been anything but dull. You’ve taken out Gan’arg Servants and their boss Razorzsaw and risked your life to shut down the cannons that were bombarding Horde forces at Thrallmar, but Field Marshal Brock has one final task for you: stem the tide of demonic reinforcements pouring into the area.

You’ve taken out demonic gates before, but never quite like this. You’ll need a key from the leader of Invasion Point: Annihilator to shut down the last gate, and there’s only one way to get it from him.

“Invasion Point: Annihilator”

Your last Honor Point mission starts once again with Field Marshal Brock.

You can’t pick up “Invasion Point: Annihilator” until you’ve completed the ” Disruption: Forge Camp Mageddon ” and “Enemy of my Enemy” quests, so be sure and take care of them first.

Invasion Point:

Annihilator lies to the West of Forge Camp: Rage. Mount up and head over there to get started.

Warbringer Arix’Amal

The key you need is in the hands of Warbringer Arix’Amal, who stands in front of the large forge-looking structure in Invasion Point: Annihilator. Getting to him won’t be easy, as he’s surrounded by Demonic Legionnaires, Sisters of Grief, and Gan’arg Servants.

Your best bet is to cut a path through the mobs, making sure to clear the area around him before you engage.

The Warbringer is level 62, so he’s slightly tougher than the enemies you’ve been killing. Still, no real problem if you’re prepared to take him on.

Watch out for his Fire Wave attack, and don’t forget to loot the body once he’s down. You’ll need the key he drops to close the nearby gate and the Burning Legion Missive to start a follow-up quest.

Arix’Amal’s respawn rate is extremely fast, which is great if you’re waiting to kill him but very bad if you decide to rest upright after he’s down. Don’t stick around, head toward the gate while the immediate area is still clear.

Close the Gate

Closing the gate is simple, and should seem familiar if you’ve completed the “Disrupt Their Reinforcements” quest. Just walk up to it and right-click when the gear icon appears, making sure to have the key in your inventory.

After a few seconds, the gate will be closed, leaving you free to mount up and take a break for Honor Point.

Two gold and another 9800 experience points are your rewards for completing this final task at Honor Point. Now, you can either use the nearby griffins or your own flying mount to return to Honor Hold and turn in the Dark Missive you looted off the Warbringer. Doing so will net you some additional cash and experience points, as well as access to a whole new series of quests.

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