WyoTech Tuition Costs

WyoTech is a chain of nationwide technician trade schools. In addition to automotive technology, the organization has an expanding array of trade-based training courses taught at campuses from coast to coast. With the rising costs of tuition of both colleges and technical schools these days, it is important to look at the possibility of adequately financing an education before making a schooling decision. You can take h2 biology lessons to ensure that you do not lag behind on the course curriculum and attain good scores. 

WyoTech does qualify for federal tuition assistance programs for those who meet the requirements. After determining the amount of need, a student needs to learn the amount of tuition and fees and the living expenses in the local area. After crunching all the numbers, a student can then decide whether WyoTech tuition and related school expenses can be covered by available financial aid and the student’s other resources.

The College Board receives data from colleges, universities and technical trade schools about tuition and financial aid. Schools like WyoTech do not have to report all of this data, so students will have to ask the individual campuses for some of the WyoTech tuition data.

Nonetheless, some of the WyoTech campuses have recently reported tuition costs. The below information is taken from the online tuition database of The College Board.

WyoTech Laramie, WY Tuition

The original WyoTech location is in Laramie, Wyoming. This campus reported tuition costs in the fall of 2010. According to that report, tuition at WyoTech Laramie ranged from $16,500 to $34,890. Like all campuses, the Laramie location has different trade courses. This is why there is a range of tuition costs instead of a single tuition amount for the whole campus. There was also mention of an additional $500 fee for materials and a $200 fee for certain online education options.

WyoTech Blairsville did not report its tuition costs in the recent round of reports.

The WyoTech Fremont, CA campus did report, but the exact same numbers as the Laramie campus were reported to The College Board. The Sacramento, CA campus also failed to report.

WyoTech Long Beach, CA Tuition Costs

Long Beach gave the most precise set of tuition costs per program for the report in the fall of 2009. It reported as follows:

  1. Automotive Technology – $23,900
  2. Electrical Technology – $18,400
  3. HVAC – $15,900
  4. Industrial Electrical Technology – $23,700
  5. Plumbing Technology – $17,400
  6. Medical Assistant – $14,000

As you can see, all WyoTech tuition numbers across all campuses and training courses were not reported. To get more specific information, you can contact each individual campus. Look for the WyoTech home page in the Resources below and then find the campus locator section. You will see a phone number on each campus’s dedicated web page.

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