Your Office Chair is Now a Recliner

Your office chair isn’t just a chair anymore; it’s your personal bed that you can use to take a snooze on.

So, what makes this chair able to be used as a bed instead of an office chair? Well, Japanese company Thanko has created a chair with extra long legs can bend at the back and recline like the old lazy boys and the legs then become center of the body and support the weight. The chair itself is crafted in a way that the back looks more like the top end of a pillow and bed so it conforms around the body like a mattress as opposed to a general hard and ridged back of a chair. The back part of the chair is amazing enough but the Thanko Company went a step further in their creation of an office chair lazy boy design by also incorporating a flip out leg rest. Not only do these two features allow it to work effectively as a resting tool for the office or elsewhere, but the leg rest feature can be used even as the chair is in its normal mod, meaning that employees can flip it up and continue on working while relaxing their legs at the same time.

While this invention at first seems like a great addition to the office or elsewhere there are some clear drawbacks to the design. First is the fact that a design like this will not be for everyone and the amount of weight that such a chair can hold can’t be great and this also brings its durability into question. The second major issue I see with this type of design is the fact that people come in all different shapes and sizes. I’m not saying this design won’t work and won’t be practical and useful, but if you’re too short or to tall I don’t see it working. While these two flaws can be a problem there isn’t a reason to think that Thanko hasn’t thought of them and can’t fix them in the future. After all, Thanko is a company and companies need to make money and investing even more money in modified versions just to see it not sell at all would be a bad idea. The induction of an adjustable foot rest and head rest would solve the length issue and reinforced versions could fix the weight issues. Though offices may not adapt this quickly with concerns over workplace productivity I can see the everyday person buying it just to relax easier at their computer at home or elsewhere.

It is pretty much the same scenario both at home and office as the chair is nothing more than a resting place for your back and the desk in front only adds to the comfort which is both good and bad in a way. For more info about chairs as recliners, you can visit

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