Yuwie.Com: Social Networking Of The Future

I joined Yuwie.com in the hopes of making a little extra money from my computer. It sounded sweet. I was referred by someone I did not know. I had no idea how this stranger had gotten my e-mail address, but being a little too optimistic, I joined this Web site, making sure I did not have to pay anything, of course. I was an active member through the last two weeks of February. For those of you reading this and unfamiliar with the site it is just like other social networking site such as MySpace or Facebook . You find codes for layouts and other things to put on your page. Your profile is a reflection of yourself, the background, the type of music you listen to, what your favorite things are and so on. The tutorial for the site said that they pay you for everything you do. So I started collecting friends, people I’ve never met before, writing blogs, sending comments and everything else I would do on MySpace.


The monthly earnings are generated between the 10th and 15th of the following month. So when March rolled around i was shocked to discover that i only made two cents for those two weeks. I was disappointed, but i kept it up for March doing even more. I sent out invitations and invites through my school email and to everyone i knew but no one would take me seriously and join. i even created a group on Facebook and while I got members ot join the group on Facebook no one actually joined Yuwie. So April rolls around and I discover that I made seven cents for April for a total of nine cents. They say that the real money is in the referrals but how are you supposed to make money if no one believes you when you tell them that this is for real. So now I am stuck on this website that I don’t want to give up on but frankly, I don’t have the time necessary to devote to it to make any money on, especially now that finals are coming up soon.

Those are my thoughts about Yuwie. Now here are some of the secrets I learned within my three months on this social networking site. They have several friend adder groups you can join to get more friends. They only work if you follow all the steps in adding people. Once you have so many friends, here’s a way to get page and profile views in the thousands for that month. Click on the friends application on your control panel. The pictures of all your friends should pop up. Then click on the first one. It will take you to the first of their pages asking you what you want to do next. Click on their picture to get to their profile. That’s one view for them and you. Rate their profile, you can be nice and just give them ten’s it’s more encouraging. Wait a minute after you send in their rating and it will take you back to their profile page. That’s two views. Then add them to your favorites by clicking the favorites button. That’s three. Then leave them a comment, preview the comment first and then send it to them. That’s four and five page views for you and the person you viewed. Do that for all your friends and you’ll get several thousand page views. The purchasing of the instant instagram views will create awareness about the social site Yuwie.com. The rates of the instant views will be under the budget of the person.

There is no easy way to get referrals. If you’re an active member Yuwie will sometimes throw one your way, but other than that you need to market the site as much as you can. There are several sites out there that can provide traffic to your site. I am a member of several of them. But just because someone visited your site doesn’t mean they will join. LinkRefferal.com is one of the sites I joined. I view thirty sites a day, review five, and pick one favorite and in exchange for this they market my site to other people who are doing the same. This is completely free and takes only forty-five minutes a day. This is also a good way to find some really good site online. Well, that’s all I have about Yuwie. You can check it out for yourself or not. But it’s by invitation only. So look me up on Facebook through Salem College or my MySpace at www.myspace.com/insanebabe17 for the link to join.

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